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Paper towel dispensers in hertfordshire

Paper Jack

Electronic paper towel dispenser

The non-touch dispensing of paper towels is activated by our patented sensor. No independent power source is required as it is battery operated. The dispenser is designed with cleanliness and cost reduction in mind, guaranteeing you less waste.

Soap Susi

Electronic soap dispenser

The non-touch soap dispenser guarantees simple operation. Providing a measured amount of soap with the added benefit of a built in time delay, cost reductions are achieved.

Soap dispensers in hertfordshire
Washroom products in hertfordshire

Big Willy

Toilet paper dispenser

Big Willy holds the equivalent of 25 standard toilet rolls.
The cover is made from a single sheet of steel and contains an integrated double sided knife edge for tearing off the tissue.

Triple Willy

Toilet paper dispenser – Multi Roll

With all the benefits of the original Big Willy, but now with the additional benefit of 3 rolls. As soon as one roll is used up, Triple Willy automatically transports in a new one, ready for use. Especially designed for catering business owners, running highly frequented locations.

Toilet paper dispensers in hertfordshire


Toilet Seat Cleaner

Simply place a small sheet of toilet paper beneath the dispenser, and wipe the toilet seat to ensure a perfectly clean toilet environment.

Washroom supplies in hertfordshire
Fresh washroom management in hertfordshire

Freddy Fresh

Air freshener

Our fully electronic, battery driven air freshener dispenser eliminates stale air. The special pump system ensures an environmentally friendly operation without the use of CFC’s.

Polly Dolly

Toilet brush holder

The self centring brush with exchangeable brush heads rests in a removable porcelain insert that can be filled with disinfectant. With the added bonus of being wall mounted, this system is truly hygienic.

Washroom supplies in hertfordshire